Dibasic Acids PDA Bio-based Polyamide


In recent years, Cathay has successfully developed bio-based polyamide and completed trial operation in 2014. It is the most advanced bio-manufacturing materials since the invention of petrol-based polyamide. Cathay's bio-based PA 5X series (Mainly PA56,PA510,PA512,PA514) is produced from renewable starchy plants, and can be used in textile and engineering plastics. 

As Cathay's bio-based polyamide fiber, TERRYL? has extraordinary performance, including intrinsic flame resistance, good moisture-absorption, good dyeability. TERRYL? can be  widely used in filament and industrial yarn fields. To improve textile's quality, TERRYL? can be blended with natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk and wool.

ECOPENT is Cathay's bio-based polyamide brand of engineering plastics, which possess good self-extinguishing, high flowability and high toughness. ECOPENT can be widely used in automobile parts, electronics, electrical appliances, 3D printing, mechanical, cable tie and heat insulation strip industries. 

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