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Welcome to Cathay Industrial Biotech 

Founded in 1997, Cathay Industrial Biotech has realized commercial-scale production of revolutionary products,including bio-based polyamide,bio-based DN5 (1,5-pentanediamine), long chain dibasic acids (LCDA) and biobutanol.
In recent years, Cathay has successfully developed the DN5 via bio-manufacturing and produced downstream bio-based polyamide with extraordinary performance benefits.

The raw material of Cathay's bio-based polyamide are from renewable starchy plants. It is the most advanced bio-manufacturing materials ever since the invention of petrol-based PA66 and PA6. Cathay's bio-based polyamide has been tested by downstream industries, not only as renewable substitute to traditional materials, but as unique and novel polymers for the textile and industrial plastic market.

Cathay currently operates two production sites and one R&D center in China. The R&D center is located in the Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.  The commerical development platform focuses on research of molecular biology,fermentation process engineering, polymer material, etc.

The LCDA from Cathay's Shandong Jinxiang site realized commercial scale production in 2002 with annual capacity of 40,000 tons.

Cathay's  Xinjiang Wusu site will generate an annual output of 50,000 tons of bio-based DN5, 100,000 tons of bio-based polyamide and 30,000 tons of LCDA.The site has been completed and production has started..

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